Staff Services for Members

By: Diane White, Director of Resources & Administration

As many members are aware, St. John’s Lutheran Church is blessed with staff who work tirelessly to ensure the operation of our church on a 24/7 basis. To their credit, many former and current staff members have gone above and beyond their call of duty to provide an array of services to members and help with both small and large projects. In short, we simply could not function without them.

Moreover, St. John’s, which has in excess of 900 members, has seen an increase in activities associated with an array of programs that serve our members and our community. We are blessed by these opportunities to honor our mission to live God’s love in the world, and we could not do so effectively without the help of St. John’s employees. 

However, while members’ needs for various support services have grown, the size of the staff has grown only modestly. At the same time, St. John’s as an organization has not had an effective process for prioritizing and assigning staff work, which has unintentionally impeded the effectiveness of the employees upon whom we all rely to fulfill the essential functions for which they have been hired.

So, in an effort to organize and prioritize members’ various requests for assistance with tasks and/or projects, we are initiating a new process for members who are seeking staff help. Starting April 3, 2017, members who need St. John’s staff to perform church-related tasks (e.g., document creation or revision, photocopying, reports, event coordination) can submit a Request for Services Form describing the requested services and providing other related information that staff need to process the requested work.

There will be two ways that members can submit these request forms: 

1. Request for Services Google form with self-explanatory instructions will be available to members on our website; or, 

2. members can simply call Kevin Lamb, our Staff Assistant, at 444-0874, and he will provide personal assistance over the phone and submit the request form for callers. 

Completed service request forms will be reviewed daily and tasks assigned to available staff based upon their current workload and the availability of any needed equipment and/or other resources.

We understand that this process is a new one for all of us, but as an organization St. John’s is “growing up,” and these kinds of operational practices will help us provide an optimal level of services to members by streamlining and more effectively managing work flow and priorities. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of Resources and Administration, Diane White.