St. John's Globetrotter: Natalia Kimmelshue

By: Natalia Kimmelshue, Youth Group Member


Sixteen-year-old Natalia Kimmelshue is an active St. Johns youth group member and sophomore at Christian Brothers High School. Avid seamstress, tennis player and Model United Nations club president, Natalia is involved at her school but decided to make her summer educational as well. 


Natalia will be attending a National Student Leadership Conference in Singapore this June for an International Business Camp. The program, facilitated by the National Student Leadership Conference, chooses students nominated by their teachers from around the world to participate in a weeklong career immersion in a subject of their interest. 


Natalia’s interest in this excursion to South East Asia is multifaceted; however, it mostly centers on her desire for further education in international business. Her desire to help others less fortunate is centered on her Christian faith. 


This faith and inspiration to help others has resulted in her developing an internationally centered business called “Stitches For A New Start” (SFANS). The concept behind this non-profit business is to inspire the US sewing community to make clothing items for the immigrant community. 


Natalia’s goal is to market and inspire sewers to make clothing, receive these items, brand them with “SFANS” logo with her own sewing style, and disseminate to border immigration service organizations for distribution to needy immigrants. The business is in its infancy but is a true passion for Natalia due to her Cuban immigrant heritage and love of sewing.


With a little help from her AP World History teacher, Model United Nations Club moderator, and college counselor, Natalia was accepted into the program in Singapore. She loves international relations and business, so this camp is a great fit for her to explore the field further and apply what is learned to SFANS. 


Hosted at the Yale University/ National University of Singapore College, about forty students will gather to learn about multinational corporations, international trade, economics, diplomacy, leadership skills and entrepreneurship. They will visit companies like Bloomberg, Google, Facebook and the Singapore Stock Exchange, and listen to guest lecturers from institutions like Harvard and the United Nations. 


Natalia will also have to complete a college credit course through American University online in cross-cultural communication and negotiation following the camp. Natalia is considering a major in international business. 


St. John’s Lutheran Church wishes her the best in her Singapore adventure and all her future aspirations in international business, or wherever God leads her. Make sure you stop and chat with Natalia this summer to hear more about her future endeavors.