Please RSVP

By: Pastor Frank Espegren

Everything we do at St. John’s requires three things: a plan, an invitation and a response. We work hard for our life of faith together to be meaningful. Indeed, our goal is for it to be of the utmost importance! 

To that end, our Congregational Council gives up an entire Friday, around this time of year, to talk through the big issues of our congregation and to plan. Our staff works exceedingly hard too – allying with the congregation to plan and offer beautiful worship, to craft opportunities for spiritual formation for all ages, and to creatively strategize to bring people together in love, service to neighbor, and fellowship. It requires a plan, but it also requires an invitation and your response!

That is why our Stewardship theme for the upcoming General Fund Stewardship Campaign, the purpose of which is to fund our 2018 ministry plan, is RSVP! We are extending an invitation requesting your response.

“Invitation and response” is one of the primary ways I think about my (our) relationship with God. Because God provides and redeems all, the offer of divinely aligned life is extended to us.  

Ours is to respond and the opportunity is ours to say “Yes,” that through the Holy Spirit we become the people God hopes us to be. Another way to see this is that we are given the opportunity to become the beloved we already are!

Our Stewardship focus of RSVP will play out over three Sundays in October, focusing on our response of time and talent on October 8, responding to the call to steward our connection to the larger church on October 15 with Sierra Pacific Synod Bishop Mark Holmerud preaching, and, finally, coming together with the offering of our financial pledges, the most key component we use in planning our budget for the year ahead, on Commitment Sunday, October 22.

We pray that you will RSVP “Yes,” that you might consider growing your commitments of time, talent and resources to St. John’s. 

What would an increase in response look like for you? Each year, we choose by our commitments to either expand the ministries of St. John’s, or allow them to contract. Please prayerfully consider that God is calling you in a new and expansive way! 

We have work to do – ministry to expand, staffing to accomplish, spiritual formation to deepen, generosity to grow. We invite your response.

Please RSVP.