Planning Strategically

By: Diane White, Director of Resources & Administration

In the fall of 2016, St. John’s began its initial efforts to plan strategically when the Congregational Council and Wonderers developed a variety of strategies, goals and activities. They were designed to provide an overarching framework grounded in the belief that we are called as God’s stewards to manage what belongs to God and His holdings according to His desires and purposes.

To continue the development of the Council’s strategic planning efforts and further develop a planning culture at St. John’s, the pastors and directors held a Leadership Planning Retreat in January. They agreed to focus their energies on developing and selecting three strategic goals for their ministry areas for this year. 

This new plan highlights the importance of organizational transformation and change while capturing exciting opportunities for missional growth and development. It challenges St. John’s to boldly embrace a new way of thinking and operating, which will allow us to position ourselves strategically to advance our mission, vision and values.

The objectives and actions in our strategy create opportunities for additional plans for St. John’s to increase growth, mobilize resources and relationships and manage change through 2020. The outcomes of Pastor Frank’s sabbatical, where he will ponder the future of St. John’s, is particularly important to plans for 2018-2020. 

Since strategic planning is an ongoing process, the leadership and staff will meet in the fall to develop a comprehensive three-year plan, which will help us advance our mission to live God’s love in the world. 

The full text of The 2017 Strategic Implementation Plan is available on our website under the news tab.