Pastor Carlos Schneider to preach in July

By: Gregory Favre, Sesquicentennial Co-Chair


Pastor Carlos Schneider, who served St. John’s as both an associate and senior pastor for 21 years, is returning to help us celebrate our 150th anniversary. He joins our worship services on Sunday, July 9 to preach.


Pastor Carlos shared a few of his memories of St. John’s:


“Now, in retirement, I relish the leisure and the gift of time that allows for some reflection on the various ministries that exercised my calling as a pastor. The sesquicentennial celebration at St. John’s gives me the opportunity to think about my time with this historical and faith-filled and creative parish.


“For me, the faithfulness and integrity of St. John’s, its leaders and members, found its expression in its worship of the Risen Christ, its growth in faith and grace, and its service to the Lord by “remembering the poor.” 


“There are so many memories that come to mind as we worked to carry out our mission. A fond memory of worship 

life involved the Liturgy of the Palms on Passion Sunday, gathering at Capitol Park along with pastors and membersof Westminster Presbyterian, Trinity Episcopal and Blessed Sacrament, and Bishop Francis Quinn leading the service. That always led to the glorious celebration of Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday.


 “Another fond memory comes from the area of Christian Growth (now called Faith Formation) involving the strong participation of the membership in Biblical Studies with St. John’s School of Religion, Kerygma and others. 


“In the area of service, I recall with great fondness, St. John’s leadership and participation in the ecumenical outreach to the poor through the ministries of St. John’s Shelter for Women and Children [now the Saint John’s Program for Real Change], Loaves and Fishes and the Central Downtown Food Basket to name a few.  


“None of this mission and ministry was easy. It never is, but under the strong guidance of God’s Spirit, and with leaders and members who ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear’ and the will and the courage to act on the promptings of the Spirit, St. John’s has thrived for 150 years. I look forward to celebrating with you. 


“Soli Deo Gloria!”