Goodbye and thank you

By: Pastor Carl Wilfrid, Interim Senior Pastor

My three-month assignment as Interim Senior Pastor came to a close on July 16. It was every bit the rich adventure I anticipated. Your generous and heartfelt welcome encouraged me; your excellent staff impressed me and proved to be excellent ministry partners; your energy and faithfulness as a community of Christ-followers amazed me.

I am deeply grateful to Pastor Frank for offering the opportunity, to the Council for “calling” me and to all you conversation partners who emerged as I had the opportunity to lead worship, teach, preach and provide pastoral care. I have long believed that God is, and wants to be, in conversation with each of us and that a pastor’s job is to stimulate and facilitate that conversation. I hope I have been able to do that.

Special thanks are due to Dave Lesher and Laura-Lynne Powell who hosted Dianne and me for these three months in their backyard guest cottage. Their generous hospitality was a delight for us, and a great gift to St. John’s. Extra special thanks are due to Dianne, my partner for 49 years as of July 6. She is the most capable woman I know. At church she has always been a behind-the-scenes person, so most of you don’t even know who she is. For these three months she did what she has been doing well for years: supporting me with her faithful companionship, her honest observations and opinions, and with excellent food and drink, including steak and eggs at 5:30 am every Sunday so my old body had enough protein for the 6.5 hour marathon at St. John’s.  

As you celebrate your rich 150- year history and prepare to step into the future God has for you, I am honored to have had a three-month part in that story. I pray every good gift for you as you follow Jesus into your future.