Getting to know the staff: Steve Russell

By: Diane White, Executive Director of Administration

I’ve been a member of St. John’s since 1990, but it was not until I began working here that I truly understood and appreciated the folks who help make St. John’s function every day. Many members see our employees or communicate with them on email or by phone, while others only see the results of their labors; but, many members do not know much about our valued staff who, through their contributions, live God’s love in the world. 

This article, which will introduce you to the real Steve Russell, is the first of what will become a regular feature in the Spokesman, highlighting a member of our valued staff who make our church such a special place.

Steve Russell, our intrepid Property Manager, was born in

Keene, New Hampshire, which means, of course, that he is a die-hard New England Patriots fan! He also reportedly knows how to make maple syrup. 

As a kid, Steve made money mowing lawns and cleaning garages. He became interested in construction in his high school shop classes where he had fun and “made a lot of good-looking bird houses.” His first serious paying job was as a shoe salesman in Chicago, which every fan of the TV series Married with Children can appreciate. Eventually, Steve worked in the construction industry in Las Vegas; so, the Sacramento summer heat is nothing for him!

Steve’s real passions are music and art, as these are ways that allow us to communicate our feelings. He enjoys playing the guitar, including gigs at local farmers’ markets, such as the one in Folsom. Because of his love of the arts, Steve would like to see us give Goethe Hall a facelift so that it becomes a more user-friendly place where art and music can be enjoyed more frequently.

On a personal note, Steve has been married to his wife, Trish, for 21 years. They have two children: Nic, who is 21, and Noah, who is 19.  

Steve’s earliest memory of St. John’s is meeting Pastor Frank and Pastor Leslie, who he said were very positive. He felt right away that they accepted him, and he knows that’s still the case. Steve says he enjoys being at St. John’s because everyday is different and because the people are welcoming and loving; but, we, in turn, are fortunate to have him among us for exactly the same reasons. 

Steve Russell always “steps up” to help everyone that he can and treats all our members, staff, neighbors and visitors with loving kindness. He truly is someone who makes St. John’s special.