From the Treasurer

By: Ted Norris

What a wonderfully generous collection of believers that makes up the body of St. John’s Lutheran Church. Thank you and God bless your generosity. Offerings include contributions for flooding in Houston, funding the new windows, the continued commitment to fund our mission and to pay down our remodeling debt.  

The Living Stones campaign is in its final stage. There are three months of the Living Stones campaign remaining. We are on target to achieve the goal of eliminating all debt on the Sanctuary Loan. As of the September payment to Mission Investment Fund (part of ELCA), our remaining balance is just under $230,000.00.  

Initially, we projected a pledge deficit between $50,000 to $75,000; however, due to the generosity of members who exceeded their pledges we will reach our goal, provided we honor our pledge commitments. The end is in sight! As when a new pope is elected, I want to see the symbolic smoke created by the burning of our mortgage. 

Thank you and God bless everyone’s prayerful consideration on this important matter.