• Summer Camping Trip

    Join your St. John’s family for the annual family camping trip to Sugar Pine Reservoir! Mark your calendars for Friday, June 23 to Sunday, June 25.  Space is limited, so head to stjohnslc.org/yfm to make your reservation today! Questions? Contact Karen Hall-Sandlund or Lance Lewis.

  • Join others from the St. John’s community in a fun weekend of camping at Shirttail Creek Campground on the North Shore of Sugar Pine Reservoir in the lovely Tahoe National Forest!

  • This request for services is subject to review and approval. Do not use this form to request assistance for event planning. Please consult with the Director of Resources & Administration regarding proposed events. If you need assistance filling out and/or submitting this form, please contact Staff Assistant Kevin Lamb at 916-444-0874 or kevin.lamb@stjohnslc.org.

  • As I write these words, the shelves of department stores are slowly being emptied of plastic eggs and baskets. Stuffed bunnies and other cute critters are awaiting little hugs in closet hiding spots, and jellybeans are being consumed by the handful. It’s the Easter season! 

  • Greetings, friends in Christ at St. John’s! I am looking forward to our three months together, April 17 – July 16. As a pastor in nearby communities, I have known for years that St. John’s is an effective congregation, generously “living God’s love in the world” in a variety of ways, continuing to build on a solid foundation while adapting to changing times and needs. I am honored to have been asked to serve as Interim Senior Pastor and pleased to support St. John’s and Pr. Frank in this way.

  • In the fall of 2016, St. John’s began its initial efforts to plan strategically when the Congregational Council and Wonderers developed a variety of strategies, goals and activities. They were designed to provide an overarching framework grounded in the belief that we are called as God’s stewards to manage what belongs to God and His holdings according to His desires and purposes.

  • As many members are aware, St. John’s Lutheran Church is blessed with staff who work tirelessly to ensure the operation of our church on a 24/7 basis. To their credit, many former and current staff members have gone above and beyond their call of duty to provide an array of services to members and help with both small and large projects. In short, we simply could not function without them.