• Religious & Spiritual Art

    with juror Jerry Silva,

    Renowned Sacramento Artist


    Show Opening & Champagne Reception

    • Thursday, Mar. 9 from 5:30 – 8:30 pm
    • Awards Ceremony at 7:00 pm

  • By: Pastor Frank Espegren


    We tend to think of sabbatical in academic terms, as a school year free from teaching duties that can be devoted to research, travel and writing. Traditionally, this occurs every seventh year. Because of this scholarly context, we may easily miss what is hiding in plain sight: that sabbatical is related to Sabbath, which refers to the Biblical day of rest, or the seventh day. We trace the origins to the Hebrew word shabbāth, meaning “rest.”

  • By: Pastor Leslie Welton


    Adult education during Lent will capture our theme of “We are Witnesses: Hearing, Wondering, Sharing, Seeing and Hoping Together.” Join us for a multisensory approach to this season as we engage texts together

  • By: Gregory Favre


    Meet Sam Mohler. He is 11 years old. You may not know him, but you should. As much as any other member, he embodies the generous spirit of our congregation, a spirit that has marked St. John’s throughout a century and a half of its presence in Sacramento.